Abhineet and Jonida tell us about the Foodbank initiatve:

Lordswood Sixth Form student council organised a collection amongst sixth form students and staff in the run up to Christmas. The  food products that we donated as a sixth form included cereal, tinned beans, confectionery, pasta and other day to day items.  Through donations of food and money we were able to collect 180 items in 2 days.

A few students from school council volunteered to take all the generous donations to the food bank. When we arrived at the food bank, students were warmly welcomed by one of the volunteers. She made us aware of the number of families and disadvantaged individuals that come and make use of the food that is donated. Each small donation makes a huge difference. More than 500,000 three day emergency food parcels  were distributed to people in crisis in first half of 2016 – over 188,500 to children.

We as a sixth form want to spread the message of food donations as they have had great impact on people’s lives by providing the means for three meals a day for families in need.