Student Wellbeing

As you rush to finish your breakfast to catch a bus to Lordswood road you are mentally reciting quotations you need to remember for your various timed essays you will have to complete today. You receive a voicemail message from your manager asking if you can cover a shift this evening. You get to the Lordswood entrance and realise you have to go and see your science teacher to fetch a past examination paper they want to attempt and hand in tomorrow. You arrive in your form room and your review tutor hands you your mock examination timetable and asks if you are OK as you look flustered. You lie and say you are fine.
The life of a sixth form student is busy, demanding and at times, extremely stressful. There is lots of advice and guidance you can access in order to help you cope when you are feeling overwhelmed. There is support and guidance you should already be aware of, such as; reviews with your review tutor, conversations with your achievement co-ordinator, morning programme information and PSHEE sessions. However, there is also a dedicated area on this website that has useful website links and information for you to read. Simply click through to access the alphabetised list of agencies from Aquarius- a website offering you help on how to deal with addictions, all the way through to Young People in Focus- a website that outlines charities that are available in the local area to help you with a range of issues.
In order to combat the stress of preparing for upcoming assignments and mock examinations, why not read through the top tips given below and try to implement them into your routine:


Stress Busters

  • Get at least seven to eight hours sleep per night. Research suggests that your memory greatly improves if you are regularly getting enough sleep.
  • Plan events in advance so you have something to look forward to or reward yourself with once your assignment is handed in or you have sat your examination.
  • Write regular to do lists and tick off your achievements. You would be surprised at how encouraging it is to see a fully ticked off list!
  • Read a book. It can be one which is linked to your studies in some way or one that makes you escape to an imaginative world.
  • Drink plenty of water. Studies suggest that the more water you drink the more alert you are. Many people are tempted to get a quick fix with an energy drink, however, they can be very dangerous for you and in some cases can cause migraines, seizures and heart palpitations.
  • Take up a new hobby. Having a set time to devote just to your well being is extremely important and can help you re-energise.

If you want any more information regarding support and guidance that Lordswood can offer you for those times when everything gets too much, please speak to your review tutor or a member of the Sixth Form Team.

Ms Preston
PSHEE and Citizenship Coordinator