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On Tuesday 15th November, during a busy break time, 12.3 raised an impressive £73 for their chosen local charity Cerebral Palsy Midlands. After organising the donation of a variety of snacks, including cakes, cookies, drinks, donuts, waffles, muffins and chocolate bars, 12.3 pulled together and each student brought in saleable items to sell on. Aleena, Faiza, Harry, Zohaib and Khaleesa led and oversaw the advertising of the event and manned the stall.  With their enthusiasm and leadership they successfully sold all stock before the end of break.  12.3 are also planning to run two other charity events this academic year (a raffle and name the teddy bear).  Watch out!  You will hear more about these soon. All the proceeds will be donated to Cerebral Palsy Midlands at the end of the summer term.  12.3 are aiming to raise at least £200 so please support our cause.